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So-called luxury


As the name implies, "refined luxury"


It can also be regarded as "luxury of quality"


Generally, the social upstart elites of the new era


Have the ability to enjoy a luxurious life but pursue an elegant and refined life


The living room adopts a plain base, light yellow marble floor and background wall, which is minimalist without losing style and connotation, which is exquisite and luxurious; a sofa with pure Italian origin, with a mature and restrained marble coffee table, is perfectly and classically integrated in this space. ; Irregular crystal chandeliers make the space more artistic and dynamic; the painting in the background is like the traces of time, and everything is exquisite and charming.


The dining room and the living room are in different areas of the same space, but it does not affect their mutual integration and compatibility. The marble table top is matched with a well-designed hardware base. Two exquisite wine cabinets are also equipped on the back wall. There are also vertical crystal chandeliers and the shuttle between the accessories, all of which highlight the exquisite and elegant lifestyle of the owner.


The lighting in the master bedroom is actually very sufficient, but it has been protected from light, and the ceiling is raised, and the use of one dark and one light color makes the whole space quite luxurious. Choosing a higher headboard makes the space look no longer fragmented and enhances the overall sense; the red drawer on one side becomes the visual focus without any sense of violation; the color of the entire space is progressive, highlighting the The master's refined and elegant private space.


The second bedroom uses a large area of off-white as the keynote, and the blue background wall is matched with the pink bed, and the girl's visual sense comes to mind. The headboard of the bed is very stylish, like the collar of a lady's coat. It is impossible to imagine that it is wrapped in a piece of clothing, which is comfortable and warm. The matching chaise longue is unique in shape and full of lines, just like a girl's small waist, graceful and youthful. Girlishness can not only be expressed in a cute way, but also this delicate and elegant way is a good choice.


The study is simple and elegant, but absolutely exquisite and quality coexist. The veneer of the desk is made of precious walnut burls, combined with contemporary exquisite craftsmanship.