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Project Location| Wuhan Lanqiao Mansion

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Close the door and replace tiredness

Settling in a refined and elegant home

Embrace space and consider simple life

Create your own hue

The furnishings are neat and delicate


In the living room under the veil of sunshine, in the delicate and elegant atmosphere, the breath of taste and texture pervades secretly. The ingeniousness of the sofa background wall is composed of precious wood veneer, which highlights the sense of luxury. The natural marble coffee table surface exudes an elegant charm, and it is matched with a sofa of pure Italian origin to develop a natural and harmonious beauty.


The TV background wall is made of natural marble. Although the materials used at both ends are different, they convey the meaning of balance and complementarity. Home owners pursue style and attitude, and we create and interpret this ultimate living aesthetics for them.


Exquisite life is inseparable from the seasoning and supplementation of the dining room, while the open interconnection with the living room conveys a subtle visual tension. The table top is made of its precious black walnut burr veneer, which highlights the elegant and refined lifestyle of the owner.


There is a bar next to the dining table, which extends as a whole. Through the overall lighting, atmosphere, materials and details, it interprets the elegant and handsome demeanor of a gentleman. It contains our rigorous thinking on home aesthetics, and all of them reveal the strictness of the sense of quality.


The beautiful home life is beautiful, and the rich details should also be worthy of attention. Large-area floor-to-ceiling windows, pull down to enlarge the sense of space, simple and exquisite furniture arrangement, cheerful and elegant at the same time. If you are here, you will also be able to fall asleep peacefully, accompanied by good dreams.