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Just finished the quilt is the smell of sunshine

The garden after the rain is moist soil and grass fragrance

A happy home life is often accompanied by aroma

Either happiness or romance


The main living room located in the duplex-floor is noble and elegant, the palace-style sofa is classic and retro, the coffee corner table and TV cabinet are simple and elegant, and the classical leisure chairs with beautiful lines perfectly set off the luxury and beauty of the whole space. The dazzling crystal lamp hanging in the air brings the vision back to the most comfortable height at once, exuding elegant and romantic fragrance everywhere, all showing the noble temperament of the owner.


Located in the small meeting room of the duplex building, the main color palette is wood-colored finely carved furniture, without too much topcoat decoration, the wood veneer is lightly embellished with colorful shells, and the silk fabric of the seat is matched with an elegant atmosphere.,Looks like a rustic luxury aesthetic. Occasionally invite three or five friends to drink tea and eat some snacks here.


There are no complicated patterns on the surface of the dining table in the restaurant, but the exquisite carvings on the edge of the table are lingering, and the retro and elegant lines of the backrest of the dining chairs echo silently, and with the luxurious crystal chandeliers, it is noble and elegant. The whole space not only meets the functions of daily use but also is decorative, and records the value of life bit by bit.


The tone of the master bedroom is a large area of classic white, which is comfortable and bright. The bedside is made of white soft bag, as well as the exquisite carving of the log, which is noble and elegant. There is also a leisure and relaxation area. The design seems to be familiar, but the process is not easy. Every piece of furniture in the room has undergone repeated trials and adjustments to present the present scene, exuding a romantic aroma.


Second bedroom is basically the same as that of the master bedroom, but after changing a bed, the whole temperament is completely different. If the master bedroom is elegant and noble, that bedroom is elegant and restrained, giving people peace of mind in the impetuous era. 400/hour of pure hand-carving and perfect inlay craftsmanship, can't help but feel the artist's heart for these works of art.