Project Name | Nanjing Vanke·The paradiso
Furniture Brand | CASAS Series
Service organization | Nanjing Amerigo Home




The design of the living room is very elegant, with a set of white leather pull-button sofa occupying the visual center, next to it is a combination of high and low leather embossed coffee table, leopard print lounge chair is the highlight of the whole space, bringing a sense of simplicity to the simple space. A romantic and elegant high-end temperament.



The wall panels in the sofa and TV wall area are made of natural bird's-eye wood and white leather textured metal buckle points, which are neither ostentatious nor exaggerated, extending an elegant and three-dimensional visual comfort for the space. The TV cabinet is decorated with high-gloss natural shadow wood, which echoes the finish of the coffee table, and at the same time forms a subtle echo relationship with the natural veneer of the wall panel, which greatly enhances the space style.



In the design of the restaurant, the designer intends to create a quiet atmosphere, so that the space can reflect a more pure natural beauty. The table and chair furniture in this case shows a simple and elegant meaning in light luxury, with exquisite lighting, the natural light of the floor-to-ceiling windows. , sprinkle the taste of happiness for the whole restaurant.



The elegant and three-dimensional tone of this set of wall panels is visually connected from the living room to the bedroom. The design of a custom wardrobe + TV cabinet combination at the end of the bed maximizes the storage space and also meets the storage needs of the bedroom space. Arrange the bed and linen in brown and coffee color, making the bedroom full of warm and elegant modern feeling.




On closer inspection, after the veneer has been dyed, it has a natural wood grain texture, low luster, rich shades, calm and intriguing, and produces a charming light and shadow effect under the light. The metal texture makes the space have a contrast between cold and warm, full of progressive order and spontaneous artistic style.